J a c o b – B o e h m e - A w a r d


The Upper Lusatian Society of Sciences, founded in 1779, is one of the oldest scholarly societies in Europe. After the forced dissolution of the society in 1945, it was re-established in 1990. Since then, the Society has been able to increasingly build on its rich tradition and revive a large number of its scientific activities. From the end of the 18th century it published the Lausitzisches Magazin, which was then continued from 1821 as Neues Lausitzisches Magazin (NLM) and was one of the leading periodicals on regional history in Germany until it was discontinued due to the war in 1944. It has been published in a new series since 1998. It is also one of the tasks of the Society to promote historical research on Upper Lusatia and to introduce young scholars in particular to the special features of the history of the region. 

The work of the International Jacob Böhme Society, founded in 2001, is dedicated to the life and work of this prolific thinker and writer. The Society aims to promote the ambitious scientific and artistic study of Jacob Böhme, to support the research and presentation of his teachings, his writings, his sources and after-effects as well as the historical circumstances of his life, and to create a forum for the exchange between scientists, artists and others interested in the work of Jacob Böhme. The Society cooperates with the Oberlausitzische Bibliothek der Wissenschaften in Görlitz (OLGdW), which, with its rich collection of Boehme editions and research literature, offers ideal conditions both for dealing with questions of philology and for deepening individual aspects of Boehme's teaching. The statutes of the "Jacob Boehme Award" can be read on the homepage of the OLGdW at http://www.olgdw.de/  Further information can be requested by e-mail under "Contacts".