We are very pleased to present greetings to us by friends of Jacob Boehme all over the world

David Reif, Missouri, USA:david reif lily thumb

Boehme's Lilies


The symbolism for the Crucifixion is well known but a symbol for the Resurrection was a mystery to me, however, after some time researching I first concluded that a very ancient design was one of the earliest Christian symbols, the so-called “Iota Chi Cross”.  A central shaft with an X superimposed on it making a six arm figure. Later I discovered that the same six part pattern is the symbol for the lily* (or Lilium) recalling the six petals of the flower, an ancient sign of rebirth and renewal.  It all made sense to me.  The lily was the symbol for the Resurrection. Therefore, the Iota Chi was not a “Cross” at all but the Lilium. 

            For me several concepts are related to Jacob Boehme.  As I have studied the writings of Boehme and the images of Dionysius Freher it has become clear to me that just as Christ used allegory so did Boehme.  I am inspired by sacred symbols and their meaning hence it was only natural for me to paint a bold white lily as a tribute to Boehme and when I saw the logo of the International Jacob Boehme Society with the lilies in the hand of God I knew I was on the correct path.

*Jacob Boehme, Mysterium Magnum, 1623,  trans. John Sparrow, Electronic Edition, 2009, 29:54.

Dear David, thank you so much. The picture, which seems to be so simple, shows a deep sense of the spirit of this symbol. Thomas Isermann

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“Boehme's Lilies”
Oil on Canvas, 25 cm x 50 cm, 2017, D S Reif
(From the collection of Dr and Mrs J. Vernon Smith)