Aurora: Dawn Arrives (1612-1613)

De tribus principiis: The Three Principles of Divine Essence (1619)

De tripliciti vita hominis: The Threefold Life of Man (1620)

Mystrium pansophicum: The Mystery of Heaven and Earth (1620)

Sex puncta theosophica: A Distillation of Six Mystic Principles (1620)

Psychologia vera: Forty Questions from the Soul (with appendix to the first question: The Turned Eye)


De incarnatione verbi: The Incarnation of Jesus Christ (1620)

Sex puncta mystica: Regarding Six Points (1620)

De quartor complexionibus: Concerning the Four Complexions (1621)

Apoligia I: First Protection Against Balthasar Tilke (1621)

Apologia II: Second Protection Against Balthasar Tilke (1621)

Anti-Stiefelius: Concerns about Esaias Stiefel’s Booklet (1621)

Anti-Stiefelius II: The Error of the Esaiah Stiefel and Ezekiel Meths Faction (1622)

De signatura rerum: The Birth and Naming of All Beings (1622)

De poenitentia vera: True Repentance (1622)

De renegatione: The New Rebirth (1622)

De aequanimitateTrue Serenity (1622)

De vita mentali: Transcendent Life (1622)

Theoscopia: About Divine Tranquility (1622)

De electione gratiae: Selected by Grace (1623)

A Hint about the Key to Understanding Divine Secrets (1623)

Mysterium Magnum (with brief extract) (1623)

Tabulae principiorum: Tablets of the Three Principles (Two Versions) (1623-1624)

Colloquium viatorum: A Message to the Hungry and Thirsty Souls (1624)

Clavis: The Key to Explaining the Noblest Points (1624)

De testamentis christi: About Christ’s Testaments (Two Versions) (1624)

Apologia contra Gregorium Richter: An Apologia or Caring Guidance (including written responsibility)


Suspiria viatorum: Prayer Booklet Every Day in the Week (1624)

Questiones theosophicae: The Contemplation of Divine Revelation (1624)

Epistolae theosophicae: Letters [including two letters to Paul Kaym] (1618-1624)


With thanks to David Reif for translation