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About International Jacob Boehme Society

Located in the Silesian town of Goerlitz – the place where Jacob Boehme spent the major part of his life – the International Jacob Boehme  Society (IJBS) is dedicated to the academic study of the life and works of the German mystic. IJBI offers intellectual support to individuals wishing to conduct original academic and non-academic research into the life and works of Jacob Boehme, the nature of his teachings, possible sources, and their effect on later writers and thinkers. We aspire to be a forum of exchange between academics, artists and lay persons who are interested in the works of the humble shoemaker turned mystic, philosopher and man of letters. The IJBS collaborates with the Upper Lusatian Library in Goerlitz, which hosts various editions of Böhme's published work including secondary literature primarily in German and English.

Founded in 2001, the IJBS is a relatively recent institution. Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to fund research projects. In order to continue our work, we depend on the private commitment of Boehme friends and enthusiasts. If you are interested in supporting our work, we are happy to welcome you as a member. The annual contribution for ordinary members is 30,- Euros, and 15,- for unemployed persons, pensioners and students. Public institutions are required to pay 150,- Euros.

We welcome donations to help us take our activities to a new level and develop the IJBS into a professional research institution. 

Donations can be made to the following bank account: Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien in Görlitz  (BLZ 85050100) IBAN-Nr. DE95 8505 0100 0000 0525 23 / SWIFT/BIC-Code: WELADED1GRL

Please contact us for further information

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Jacob Boehme Lexicon

Lexicon with important key-words of jacob Boehme and his therminology.

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(with kind permission of Jacob-Boehme Online, USA)


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We are very pleased to present greetings to us by friends of Jacob Boehme all over the world

David Reif, Missouri, USA:David Reif, Boehme's Lily

Boehme's Lilies

              The symbolism for the Crucifixion is well known but a symbol for the Resurrection was a mystery to me however after some time researching I concluded that a very ancient design was one of the earliest Christian symbols, the “Iota Chi Cross”.  A central shaft with an X superimposed on it making a 6 arm figure. Later I discovered that the same six part pattern is the symbol for the lily, an ancient sign of rebirth and renewal.  It all made sense to me.  The lily was the symbol for the Resurrection. 

            For me several concepts are related to Jacob Boehme.  As I have studied the writings of Boehme and the images of Dionysius Freher it has become clear to me that just as Christ used allegory so did Boehme.  I am inspired by sacred symbols and their meaning hence it was only natural for me to paint a bold white lily as a tribute to Boehme and when I saw the logo of the International Jacob Boehme Society with the lilies in the hand of God I knew I was on the correct path.

Dear David, thank you so much. The picture, which seems to be so simple, shows a deep sense of the spirit of this symbol. Thomas Isermann

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