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The Internationales Jacob Böhme Institut Görlitz (IJBI) and Oberlausitzische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften (OLGdW) are pleased to announce the call for applications for next years Jacob Böhme Award 2017. Junior researchers under 35 are invited to submit their research essays on Jacob Böhme's 'Reformation of the Reformation', and his relationship with Martin Luther. The essay should present new and original research in accessible scholarly prose, and should not exceed 30 pages. We appreciate essays that have a clear structure and are presented in a lucid manner. Deadline: March 1, 2017.

We are interested in the following questions:

How are we to understand the 'Reformation of the Reformation'? Was Böhme a Lutheran? In what way, if any, is Böhme indebted to Martin Luther? Have Luther's writings had an effect on the remarkable poetic force of Böhme's language — if so, in what way?

The award includes prize money of 1,000 Euros, funded by Internationales Jacob Böhme Institut Görlitz. With this prize, IJBI and OLGdW acknowledge outstanding achievements regarding the exploration of Jacob Böhme's life and work from a historical, biographical or philosophical angle.

The winner of the prize will be selected by the jury under exclusion of legal proceedings. The prize may be split if more than one submission meet the criteria. It will be awarded during the Institute's spring conference in 2017.

Please send the printed essay (max. 30 pages / 10,000 words / 60,000 characters) to  

Internationales Jacob-Böhme Institut e.V.

c/o Oberlau­si­tzische Bibliothek der Wissenschaften

Handwerk 2

D-02826 Görlitz 


Digital files (word or pdf) may be submitted at: 

For more information, please visit our website:


The Institute


The task of the International Jacob Boehme Institute (IJBI), which is located in Goerlitz – the place of Boehme’s work – is dedicated to the life and works of Jacob Boehme. In detail, the IJBI pursues to support the ambitious academic and non-academic studies, the research and portrayal of Boehme’s teachings, his sources and consequences, as well as the historical facts of his life. Another goal of the Institute is to create a forum for the exchange between academics, artists and others who are interested in the works of the Goerlitz mystic, philosopher and man of letters. The IJBI works close with the Upper Lusatian Library in Goerlitz, which offers ideal prerequisites of Boehme-editions and research literature, both as an examination of philosophical questions and the extension of individual aspects of Boehme’s teachings.

Founded in the year 2001, the IJBI is a young scientific institute. In order to continue its work, it is dependent on private commitment from Boehme-friends, -enthusiasts and –admirers. Those who are interested in supporting the work of the IJBI can do this by becoming a member. The annual contribution is 30,- Euro. For unemployed, pensioners and students 15,- Euro and for institutions 150,- Euro