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Mystik und Schriftkommentierung

(Mystic and Commentary of Holy Scriptures)

Conference of the International Jacob Boehme Institute in Goerlitz

on November 18th - 20th 2005

Subject of the conference are two areas, which are both of fundamental significance for Böhme’s literary works. The “Scriptures” as the foundation of one’s own beliefs require in its paradoxes and dark passages an interpretation; and beyond all experiences of ordinary reality and therefore, apart from script lectures, that mystical experience of “Einswerden” took place, which Boehme often describes and reflects upon in his writings – the breakthrough of the spirit, as Boehme calls it, “to the innermost birth of divinity”. The conflicts in both of these areas will be unfolded in the spectrum of the conference contributions and -discussions, in which the connection to the non-christian tradition plays an important role.

- Conference Events -

Friday, November 18th 2005

18:30 – 21:00    

Opening events

Welcome speech by the scientific director of the IJBI, Dr. Guenther Bonheim

Dr. Jakub Mirkiewicz (Wrocław): Naturerkenntnis als mystische Erfahrung bei Paracelsus

(Natural insights as a mystical experience by Paracelsus)

Dr. Sibylle Rusterholz (Boll): Elemente der Kabbala bei Jacob Böhme

(Elements of Kabbala by Jacob Boeme)

A Buffet will be served afterwards, with time for socializing


Saturday, November 19th 2005

9:00 – 12:30     

Dr. Günther Bonheim (Maienfels/Goerlitz): Der Spötter Ismael und seine Kinder. Jacob Böhmes Auseinandersetzung mit dem Islam

(The mocker Ismael and his children. Jacob Boehme’s examination of the Islam)          

Dr. Axel Monte (Köln): „Die dritte Schrift“ oder „Die Schrift des Herzens“ [An understanding of islamic mystic writings](“The third writing” or “the writing of the heart”)

Dr. Donata Schoeller Reisch (Unterengstringen): Zum Verhältnis von Denken und Wirklichkeit. Jacob Böhme, Martin Heidegger, Gene Gendlin  (The relationship of thought and reality. Jacob Boehme, Martin Heidegger, Gene Gendlin.)

Individual lunch break. At 14:00, a “Jacob Boehme Tour” with Dr. Ernst Kretschmar will be offered.

15:00 – 17:00     

Dr. Horst Folkers (Freiburg): Textverständnis und Selbstverständnis

(Writing comprehension and self-understanding)

PD Dr. Reiner Manstetten (Heidelberg): Meister Eckharts Verfahren der Schriftauslegung

(Master Eckharts procedure of interpretation of the Holy Scriptures)


20:00 – 21:00     

Welcome speech by the chairman of the IJBI, Prof. Dr. Eckehard Binas

Public lecture: Prof. Dr. Jósef Kosian (Wrocław): Jacob Böhme und Angelus Silesius

(Jacob Boehme and Angelus Silesius)

Sunday, November 20th 2005

9:00 – 13:00 Uhr     

PD Dr. Hermann-Josef Röllicke (Düsseldorf): Das Sprachdenken des Buddha: Auslegung und Übersetzung eines Lehrstücks des frühen Chan-Buddhismus Chinas in Lankāvatāra-sūtra.

(The linguistic thinking of the Buddha. Interpretation and translation of a teaching of the early Chinese Chan-Buddhism in Lankāvatāra-sūtra)

Prof. Dr. Ana Agud (Salamanca): [translation and commentary of several hymns from the kashmirian philosopher Abhinavagupta] (provisional title)

Dr. Thomas Regehly (Offenbach): Ardor, der Lichtkämpfer? - Gnostisches in den frühen Schriften Walter Benjamins

(Ardor, the light warrior? - Gnostics in the early writings of Walter Benjamin)